Alginate impression material for metal-based dentures

I love alginate for definitive impressions for metal-based dentures, probably because it is hydrophilic, producing a great soft tissue impression of the edentulous denture bearing mucosa. Additionally, having worked with this material for many years, I have a good feel for it.  I get better fitting RPDs with alginates compared to silicones.  I very rarely need to remake the metal- frames owing to poor fit. I use Dentsply Blue Print X-creme.

 My advice, however, is to use whichever material you get the best results with, be it alginates, silicones or polyether.

Reference for dimensional stability of alginate over 5 days if kept moist:

An Investigation into the Accuracy of Two Currently Available Dental Impression Materials in the Construction of Cobalt-Chromium Frameworks for Removable Partial Dentures

 Denture Blog 76

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