I run tailored courses at the practice, online or I can come to you.  You chose the areas of removable prosthodontics you would like me to cover.

Specifically designed for groups of prosthodontists, dentists, dental technicians, clinical dental technicians, large practices, group practices, micro corporates or large corporates, anywhere in the world.

Fee per day £8,500 Monday to Friday (surcharge of £2,000 per day if run at the weekend) plus travel (if away from my practice).

We have room for 15 delegates at the practice.

Feedback from Nash Patel's Pennypot Dental Group Practice in Kent run on a Saturday and Sunday:

Your tailored course was inspirational and still not a single day goes past without someone mentioning your name! We are lucky to be the last to get on your course since Covid!

Dr Finlay Sutton is a perfectionist and dedicated specialist prosthodontist when it comes to denture fabrication. He is a great teacher with immense knowledge in prosthodontics. The way he presented the cases with a step by step approach was very easy to grasp. Prior to attending the course, I felt uncomfortable in many aspects of denture provision, but now I feel confident in prescribing removable dentures to my patients with a predictable outcome and would definitely recommend this course to all dentists who wish to enhance their knowledge in removable prosthodontics.  Dr Finlay Sutton’s website has valuable information that is easy to understand upon completion of the course. Dr Finlay Sutton, thank you very much for all your time visiting our practice on a weekend.

What can I say! Absolute eye opener of a course, wish I had done it years ago, Finlay’s teaching and step by step approach to denture treatment made the course thoroughly enjoyable, learnt lots of new tips and methods and look forward to putting it all into practice. Thank you for everything. 

Thanks again for coming to sunny Kent and doing you amazing course. I learnt so much because you provide a practical approach for provision of dentures. I love your down to earth, easy to understand lecture style. I will certainly put implement much of what I learnt into practice. Mr Naishad Patel (GDC no. 66063)

Very insightful tips and techniques on troubleshooting and simplifying the denture making process. There was plenty of wisdom shared on how to deliver on patient expectations and the two days were brilliant at re-igniting the love for partial and full dentures. The course certainly increased my confidence in talking to patients on how they can replace some of the gaps they present with. Thanks Fin!

Course was an excellent insight in to removable pros. Was fully engaging for the whole two days and provided lots of advice on improving denture results.

It was a great course and we learnt many ways to improve our dentures. Also they were all very practical techniques which we can easily include in our practice. 

It was a great course with lots of useful clinical tips. Almost all aspects of Removable Prosthodontics covered. 

The course helped me to understand a different impression making technique for a more successful denture retention. 

I found the course very useful with many tips and tricks to improve the quality when fabricating dentures.

Fantastic course! I will definitely be applying some of the techniques I learnt to my everyday Dentistry and will be much braver when it comes to tooth positions when making Dentures! 

A fantastic course which takes you through the steps from start to finish comprehensively. Well worth doing

Excellent course - inspiring and honest presentation from a clearly very passionate speaker 

Was great for him to show his mistakes so we could all learn from them. They where a life time of gold nuggets of clinical tips for us to use. One one the best courses ever been on. 

One of the finest course on Removable prosthodontics. All the steps in complete and partial denture fabrication were explained very thoroughly. Can do the complete and partial dentures more confidently now.Very interactive course so quite lot of doubts have been sorted out. Definitely recommended course for removable prosthodontics.

Please click on this link for a little video - describing my approach to tailored courses

If you are interested or have any questions please email me at: education@finlaysutton.co.uk

Rowan Garstang, my amazing dental technician and long term colleague
Rowan Garstang, my amazing dental technician and long term colleague
Karma dental philosophy
Karma dental philosophy
Michael Tang and Stuart Campbell #7 with Finlay Sutton One in the Chair and Two Waiting
Michael Tang and Stuart Campbell #7 with Finlay Sutton One in the Chair and Two Waiting
Fin's free webinars during Covid 19 Lockdown
Fin's free webinars during Covid 19 Lockdown

Finlay's Blog

Rowan's 11 year anniversary

2nd June 2020 - Today is Rowan's 11 year anniversary at the practice. Rowan is regarded by his peers as one of the world's best denture making dental technicians. He works in the room next door to Finlay's dental surgery providing the most beautiful looking and superbly fitting dentures for our patients. Rowan was previously the Chief Dental Technician in Prosthodontics at the University Dental Hospital of Manchester for ten years, having started working there in 1987. He trained Dental technicians at the University of Manchester for over 15 years. Rowan and Finlay have worked together since 1999 and have helped over a thousand patients together. In addition, Rowan provided all of the invaluable technical work for Finlay’s PhD. We're massively fortunate to have him working with us! Thank you Rowan.

Fin's podcast with Michael Tsang and Stuart Campbell

Fin chats with Michael and Stuart about his journey through dentistry and his career to date - May 2020

Access to all of Fin's Webinars during Covid 19 Lockdown 2020

These are 10 free webinars I gave during the Coronavirus lockdown 2020. They are on all aspects of Complete denture, Removable partial dentures, immediate dentures and implant over dentures. These videos are designed for ANY dental professional interested in learning more about high end prosthodontics.

The webinars are full of practical and technical advice - which can be applied straight into clinical practice.