Lectures and live demonstration on a patient by Finlay Sutton


BOOK HERE FOR PARTIAL DENTURE COURSE THURSDAY 16th MAY 2024 (I run an immediate denture course on the day after - Friday 17th May 2024 - if you would like to make it for 2 days)

BOOK HERE FOR PARTIAL DENTURE COURSE THURSDAY 21st NOVEMBER 2024 (I run an implant overdenture denture course on the day after - Friday 22nd November 2024 - if you would like to make it for 2 days)

I absolutely love providing partial dentures for my patients as they are often life changing. I will show you how to make partial dentures function like “removable bridges” and prove that they are viable alternatives to dental implant supported restorations. In addition, I will demonstrate that well designed and made partial dentures can have superior aesthetics over fixed restorations. I will share with you the techniques and methods Rowan Garstang (my dental technician) and I use to achieve predictable results with removable prosthodontics.

We provide a special form of partial denture design which is based around a solid chassis (major connector) which splints mobile teeth protecting the periodontium of the remaining natural teeth as much as possible. I will show you how I design and manage all combinations of missing teeth. As well as discussing tooth positioning and partial denture occlusion I will show you how I make accurate impressions and record the occlusion, using gothic arch tracing (in a live demonstration on a patient) enabling Rowan to make accurately fitting partial dentures.

This day is aimed at dentists, clinical dental technicians and dental technicians consisting of a live patient demonstration and lectures abundantly illustrated with step by step photographs and videos of all procedures.

Partial Denture Course
Partial Denture Course

Aims, objectives and anticipated outcomes:

  • Making partial dentures as stable, comfortable and secure as possible
  • A good understanding of a step by step design sequence
  • Optimising the aesthetics of partial dentures
  • Making accurate impressions of the hard and soft tissues for cobalt chromium castings
  • Record occlusal relations accurately using gothic arch tracing
  • Designing partial dentures to limit periodontal damage
  • Be able to adjust partial dentures, without compromising their fit and making gaps between teeth and the denture
  • Make partial dentures fit and work like removable bridges
  • Designing dentures for future tooth failure and additions
  • Have happier patients with improved outcomes
  • Better communication between dentist, CDT and dental technician
  • Increased professional satisfaction and rekindle your enthusiasm for partial dentures


8.30 - 9.00Registration and refreshments
9.00 – 11.15Partial denture design, impression making, occlusal registration using rims and gothic arch tracing
11.15 – 11.30Refreshment break
11.30 – 13.00Patient demonstration impression making, registration and gothic arch tracing
13.00 – 14.00Lunch
14.00 – 15.00Finlay’s case presentations – delegates practice designing for each case
15.00 – 15.15Refreshment break
15.15 – 17.00Finlay’s case presentations – delegates practice designing for each case

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Contact Details

Contact Details:

Events Co-ordinator: Claire Clark

Course Fee

Course Fee:

£1385 per person

Upcoming Dates

Upcoming Dates

Thursday 21st November 2024



Garstang Dental Referral Practice
Weind House
Park Hill Road
United Kingdom

Places are limited so reserve your place(s) today.

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An absolutely brilliant course. I am doing a lot more immediate dentures and this has really helped with hints and tips.

Claire Woodhouse - GDP

Brilliant course, fabulous speaker who wishes to make a difficult job simpler for all delegates. Thank you!

Jon Henley - GDP

Finlay, in 1 day has changed my perspective on what I saw as a tired old treatment modality. I can't wait to get back to the practice and implement it. It has revitalised an important but neglected part of my clinical portfolio. I was hoping to be enthused by Finlay, and I am!!

Ross Anderson - GDP, Scotland, UK

A fantastic course on partial dentures by Finlay as expected. Much more comfortable with partial denture design, gothic arch tracing and stages of partial denture construction now. Thank you.

Piotr Bielicki - GDP, Dublin, Ireland

Finlay has made me less afraid to make partial dentures. I'm looking forward to incorporating this into my work. It will make me more confident to make dentures going forward.

Tariq Bashir - GDP, Glasgow, Scotland

Very professional and knowledgeable. Great presentations with fantastic photos and a variety of cases. Online resources are brill too.

Deepak Harinathan - GDP

This course has changed the way I do partial dentures forever. Thank you Finlay.

Mike Norman - GDP, Southsea, UK

I've always enjoyed treatment planning and this is the best course I've been on. Lots of cases to think through. I'm much more confident in the provision on RPDs.

Joymon Sasikumar - GDP

Patient communication and treatment planning including partial denture design. Accurate impressions and better aethetics.

Zahab Noshad Shaikh - Specialist in Periodontics

You won't think of dentures in the same way again! I will be able to talk about the benefits of chrome dentures better as well as produce better treatment plans with compromised teeth within the overall plan. Seeing the hands on - on a real patient, I feel more confident in carrying the clinical stages.

Kiri Gabriella Anderson - GDP

Finlay's enthusiasm is contagious, very good handouts, splendid examples, I understand the hygienic design, consenting process, visual aids, extremely well prepared. Multitude of tips and very well organised work flow.

Magdalena Laskowska - GDP, Plymouth, UK

I am always enthusiastic about partial dentures. Learnt a lot about the clinical stages and the reasons why we are doing/making certain things. Clasp design on chromes in particular. Better communications with clinician's. Handouts are a great for communications with clinicians. Finlay is very enthusiastic and genuine. This builds my confidence with chrome designs and learning clinical stages which I do not often see.

Claire O'Brien - Dental Technician, Hebdon Bridge

The live patient part is excellent for understanding the step by step design sequence. Very comprehensive explanation of a complicated procedure. I was introduced to new techniques to limit periodontal damage. This course will optimise the communication and consent process and help me make better dentures.

Vasilieos Gannoulis - GDP

I did not know dentures could be made so well! This course will help me design the dentures rather than delegating.

Miles Grout - GDP

Improved partial denture design, and patient satisfaction. Improved communication with the lab technician.

Rebecca Shawcross - GDP

An absolutely wonderful day. Packed full of tips, hints and very useful information. An absolutely wonderful team - Finlay. Increases my understanding and ability to work closer an and be more involved with he patient.

Donna Louise Cole - Prosthetics and Implantology

So many hints and tips that I'lll be able to implement straight away. Thank you Finlay, Claire and Angela (the patient)!

Hemal Raval - GDP

Another brilliant day with Fin. Inspirational. It will benefit my work a lot!

Tim Barker - GDP

Fantastic day demystifying partial denture design, construction and delivery. Well worth the drive to meet the fab team that is Fin and Claire! Thank you. Improved understanding and work flow and design. I will be able to communicate better with my wonderful technician.

Reena Irvinn - GDP

Great Course, would recommend to anyone looking to improve their RPDs. Huge Thank You!

Laura Smith - GDP

Thank you. Fabulous lecture. I love the practical applications. It just works.

Thomas Friar - GDP

Excellent, thorough course. Increased confidence with designing dentures, impressions and esthetics.

Sharon Goodwin - GDP