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Method for adjusting chrome frame works to fit passively in the mouth

Cobalt chromium frameworks never fit perfectly when tried in the mouth.

Some frameworks fit closely when tried in straight away. However, some frameworks seem to be a long way off (a mile off) – do not despair, as precise adjustments often make them fit.

This is my method.

I use arti-spray indicator spray which I apply to all of the fitting surface of the frame to mark where it touches the teeth, preventing full seating. I carefully spot grind the places where the occlude has rubbed off using a diamond tapered crown preparation bur. I reapply the arti-spray indicator spray and reseat the frame in the mouth and repeat the process of adjustment until the frame fully seats.

IMPORTANT - I avoid adjusting where the framework touches the surface of the tooth nearest the occlusal surface. Any adjustment here can create a gap between the tooth and the framework which the tongue can feel.

This can take me from 5 minutes to 1 hour depending upon the complexity of the framework. Patience is required.

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