Finlay designs a Kennedy class 2 (1) metal based partial denture for Sylvia - who has had MRONJ - VIDEO ON YouTube

This is how I design RPDs for all of my cases. To see how the case turned out for Sylvia including the full treatment protocol please click this link.

For my blank RPD design sheets click here

Finlay's cheat sheet for all combinations of missing teeth

Finlay's RPD design sequence

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Immediate dentures

Partial dentures

Finlay's partial denture design checklist

Step 1 - Provisional Design from examination and photos:

  1. Assess existing teeth, spaces, and oral health.
  2. Fill in missing teeth on the design sheet.
  3. Draw rest seats for support.
  4. Identify metal backings for teeth additions.
  5. Include retention.
  6. Draw flanges and colour in the design.
  7. Discuss design with the patient.

Step 2 - Definitive Design using primary casts:

  1. Transfer cast to a surveyor for analysis.
  2. Identify guide surfaces and check undercuts.
  3. Tilt cast for considerations like aesthetics and clasp positions.
  4. Confirm interocclusal space for rests.
  5. Discuss refined design with the patient.
  6. Finalise by colouring in acrylic and metal components.
  7. Create a tooth preparation map for guidance.
  8. Request custom tray with specific occlusal stops.