Finlay's speaking at the British Dental Conference 2022 please come along - NEC Saturday 14th May 2022

I'm going to be speaking at this event.
You should check it out.
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The 7 top techniques for making superb complete and partial dentures 

Learning objectives:

1.     Improved understanding of complete denture and partial denture construction

2.     Greater appreciation that well-made removable dentures are valid alternatives to implant supported restorations

3.     Increased understanding of impression techniques and accurate recording of centric relation with gothic arch tracing

4.     Improved awareness of how to provide our patients dentures which look like natural teeth

5.     Better patient outcomes through improved communication

6.     Improved communication with your dental technician



Removable prosthodontics is very difficult because we are heavily reliant on our patients’ adaptation. I will present step by step clinical techniques used to deliver dentures with the best possible function and superb aesthetics. A lecture packed full of practical advice ready to be put into action on Monday morning.