My 10 most important technical factors in producing complete dentures with superb aesthetics and function

1.     Know what a great technical denture should look like (in terms of fit). Appearance is the patient’s prerogative.

2.     Making accurate impressions

3.     Finding and recording centric relation

4.     Carving the wax rims to mimic the patient’s dentate appearance if that’s what the patient wants - for correct lip support, tooth positioning and face shape - including maintaining ultra-thin denture flange margin beneath base of the nose to form natural lip support which is generated by the crowns and roots of the teeth - COPY NATURE - “If the OVD looks right it is right”

5.     Photometric calculation for tooth size selection

6.     Be REALLY brave with tooth positioning – throw away the rule book

7.     Video and photographic rehearsal of the try in to allow the patient a true aesthetic representation

8.     Composite rest seats for supporting partial dentures

9.     The Scandinavian hygienic design principles for partial dentures

10.  The gums mimicking nature – shape, texture and colour

Plus 2 more important factors

11.  Metal reinforcement for complete dentures – plates and cages – longer lasting dentures

12.  Molloplast B lining for poor denture supporting tissues

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