Positioning artificial teeth relative to the edentulous ridge

The upper artificial teeth are usually positioned outside of the ridge arch because the resorption pattern causes the outside of the ridge to move in a palatal direction. The labial aspects of the upper central incisal edges are positioned within a 5.5-12mm range anterior to the centre of the incisal papillae. This is easiest to assess using the Alma Gauge, an instrument specifically designed for that purpose. Apart from assessing patients’ existing dentures, the gauge is used when shaping the upper wax rim at the registration appointment to provide optimum lip support and anterior tooth visibility.

Lower teeth are set on the ridge as the resorption pattern is vertical leaving the crest of the ridge in the centre of where the natural predecessors were.
Not only does this place the artificial teeth in an aesthetically pleasing position, but it leads to stable dentures as the artificial teeth sit within the neutral zone (denture space).

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