Remake for aesthetic reasons

I once had a patient in for her first review following fitting of new complete dentures 1 week previously. She liked the function and comfort of the dentures; however, she wanted to show more upper teeth and less lower teeth.

The big problem with this change, namely dropping the upper teeth by 2mm and the lower teeth by 3 mm required a remake of the dentures. This was the first time I had to remake a set of dentures for aesthetic reasons in 8 years since introduced videoing of the try-in. The mistake I made was not advising taking the try-in home. I assumed she was 100 percent happy with the try-in.

To make this patient happy required remaking the dentures. Rowan (technician) and I keep all the articulated master casts which allowed us to go straight to the wax rim registration stage for this patient’s next visit to prescribe the new teeth positions. Once the teeth were set up the patient took the try in home to make sure she was 100 percent happy.

If a remake of dentures is required for aesthetic or functional reasons, within 1 year after fitting, I do this free of charge. I use the Mk 1 denture as a diagnostic guide to make the Mk 2 denture a success.

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