VIDEO - Finlay's fixed and removable prosthodontic case presentation of crowns and metal partial dentures

Finlay presents treatment of a patient with high aesthetic demands using immediate partial dentures, followed by metal based partial dentures supported with crowns. This is practical and clinically useful; abundantly illustrated with photographs and videos showing how Finlay and his dental technician, Rowan Garstang, produce removable dental prostheses. The lecture aims to show how we can change our patients’ lives with beautifully made dentures.

Learning objectives:

1. To learn how to make accurate impressions

2. To learn how to make partial dentures fit perfectly

3. To learn how to incorporate crowns into a partial denture

4. To learn a new system of partial denture design, including planning for future support teeth failure by designing the cobalt chromium minor connectors with tooth additions in mind.

5. To see the management of challenging cases where implants are not wanted/indicated

6. To appreciate that good quality removable dentures are a valid alternative to implant supported restorations